What is happening in our schools?

The last few days have seen a number of stories appearing in the press about our schools. Not a great surprise as this is the time of year when the teaching unions hold their annual conferences. However, taken together they paint a picture of a system falling apart at the seams.

• £130m wasted on setting up new schools that have already closed

• Large numbers of teachers leaving their posts due to pressures in the classroom and on work/life balance

• Inability to recruit enough new teachers

• Cuts to school budgets meaning some teachers are losing the jobs in schools up and down the country

• Headteachers sending round begging letters to parents to fill in the holes left by underfunding

The Government’s answer to the crisis in our schools is to build more socially divisive grammar schools despite just about every shred of evidence pointing to their failings in social mobility and deleterious effects on other schools in their neighbourhoods.

How pig-headed can an ideologically driven Tory government be?

Does Mrs May really believe that grammar schools are the answer to an education system in crisis? An answer that will benefit the poorer sections of our society?

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