Using the pavement

We all get mad about the state of our roads these days and especially about the number of potholes. However, we seem to ignore the state of our pavements which are also in a dreadful state but are much less bother to most people, perhaps because we, as a nation, use our cars a lot more and walk a lot less.

However, with the rise in numbers of mobility scooters and more joggers than ever before, the state of our pavements is becoming more important to many more people.

There are two key issues with our pavements that really annoy people. Firstly, they are often uneven (especially after being dug up by utility companies) or they have a significant slope. Both of these conditions make life awkward for mobility scooters and pedestrians.

Secondly, we now park on the pavement by default but in parking our cars ‘safely’ with two wheels on the pavement, we seem to forget that other road users use the pavement and that if we do not leave enough space for them, we are forcing mobility scooters, mums with prams and toddlers and elderly folk with walking aids, out in to the middle of busy roads to get around thoughtlessly parked cars.

We need to spend more money of maintaining our pavements and we need to be more considerate when parking our cars ‘safely’.

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